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If you know anything about me – and let’s assume you do if you’re reading my blog – you know I’m a journalist.  I love to know what’s going on (and if it’s before anyone else that’s even better!). …
Ok I was there at the Grave site ,I was driven the by agents Two who are well known to me , they have killed before they murdered Corryn Rayney ,It may of been Corryn Who phoned me before She was Murdered She had discovered some Documents and Trust Deeds in The Probate Office Court Where She was Working at the time that would shed light on Why I have been on the run for several years , While I know the killers very very we ,they where acting on orders I suspect I know who gave the orders and why , infact I was asked by the one of the two at the Clandestine grave site ,Who did it I gave the name that moring to the two agents who have never been mentioned ,They have the flash badges so to speak .
Who are above the law ! and anonomous
like John Deo , if you get my drift
My Passport and Credit Cards where only feet away from a very strange Grave site That even to day I can not explain …Some things the media was not told I guess Classified ,,,?
any how if you would like my story and prepared to tell the truth we should meet up Soon would be good as they know where I am its a very special place . My Name is Alan Hamer
its been a ordeal at times a mightmare whot people will do for money and power…

Source: News of the Year

Blessed are the peace makers
Habeas Corpus ,Hammurabi Code of Lore ,Ecclesiastical fully soverein Land

16-1-2017…… Year of Our Lord The Passion of Christ
Notice to : Our Honorable Mayor of Kangaroo Island S.A.
Dear Sir Peter Clements K.I. Mayor of Kangaroo IS land
and all officers on this land holding orders.
Kahool Wirrajin “a seven fold Blessings to black fella white fella
Our Soul Spirit known no Colour all made, molded & created ,some say from Clay with love from Mother earth, and hands from above ,one day we all find out what life was realy all about but until then we contemplate and wonder have we got it right. To be transformed within our minds to be free to think ,to turn away from a way of conformity of fiction The was a Good man some time ago who echoed these words of old He said Consider the Birds of the Air they are free but they nailed Him to a tree.
The Bird Songs I ear with in my ears it seems to ring a bell out load could it folk lore of old them dreams time song lines are activating now. If true so it was told by those gifted ones who could speak in time before it happened in prophecies of future things not yet happened a head twister for some who claim to be worldly wise and snear and say I am dumb a foolish man who is a fool I would totaly agree ,even a peculior man you can call me not of this matrix world where the working poor carnt seem to get free of the bills and notices to pay if the people just stoped to think how and why money has no value is only created from diebt.While we work longer hours now with not much time the play mybe those Black Savages had the right way but thats what our story books say
While it has been said life is sort and then you are dead.
Could one concieve or believe even attempting to imagine whot if these words came from a little birds and whispered these words to you …(Its Time Now Our Time for responsible leaders the Ramification of this little bird song could be worth considering song lines activated now its Time Now to lead to the restitution of the Year of Jubeel so Eternaly Divine when this Gate is opened according to the anointed time who has to keys to open the gate so it seemed the little Red Robin refused to tell.
To a man of Honour”. Just a introduction firstly Yes they say I am A dislexic man who at times does wright in the middle of the nite of dreams and things ideas that just pop into my head but then with hine sight latter on a day a week a month a year I never am told when it will happen but when it does its plan to see because I wrote it in my book.
Any how respectfully now may I call you Peter ? I will hopfully assume that is ok if not you can tell me latter ..? Firstly I would like to commend you Peter and the good people on this Kahool blessed hospitable friendly land as I believe this is due to good goverment to a large degree.While I have been given several names as a new resident to this wonderful Land I now call home where I sleep comfortably in saftey and peace. I call my bed my castle of refuge now as it has been with some trials and tribulations to get back to a place I call home thank you everybody for your acts of kindness .
My Name: Alan Hamer My Regement N/o5104795 My Rank Diplomatic a Body Deed with Enduring deeds 5 books in all signed
My deeds are Numbered with a tax file number attached 262161111 & 53515915 The E.R.(I) with lots of numbers as well
being who I Ham its true to say I have been to trusting and Nieive
man sadly some attempted to put me in a grave before my days where it not up fate at the end of the day I wouldent be hear now. so her I Ham and like to say Hello … wrighting I dont realy know what! to you so Hear goes before I loss the thought and venture and wonder away.
Acclaimed Only Son of The Antedelvuian HAMutal Kinsman of the Dew age.. 2 kings 23;31 Douglasite ,Doukhobors a Nobleman QUAKER forteller ,seer of our Chapelry body deed of Doughty deeds and Doughty warrior A.H. Theoretical at times of injustice My Father Dad “REX” Douglas Hamer E.R. (I) the last Heir to the Ancient Ancetoral Land of Hamer Hamlet of Hamer A Hametic Hamite of Ham YDNA would concure along with the Shemite YDNA and Affinities by Blood Lineage with the Abba Original Ramindjeri people of the Land so it would seems.
It has been suggested by (G.G.)Sir Peter Cosgroves The Govenor General, His Excellellency, The Queens Chief Scout The Knight holding orders to Australia pty ltd Governor Peter.
To contact those who have the Jurisdiction to assist with classifed information has now been sent to The Pope of Rome ,The Queen of the British Empire The International World Court ,United Nations. International ,national, and state lawyers Mr Hyperthetic’s Jeffery Robinson and Civil rights of not least Your Self Peter and those officers holding orders to a ‘state’ .issues of Habeas Corpus ,Hammurabi Code of Lore ,Ecclesiastical fully soverein Land as applied by The Septuagint and some other issues can be raised latter.

It is our belief and hope that as we reason together a amicable arangment in the hope to soon to be achieved that will richly bless this land and all people who live hear and visit in the future for our childrens children and all generations to come.
With this in mind Its Time now Our Time to reconcider the terms of this some call game of war beng played on Land and has the highest holding military officer being a anonymouse Field Marshel it is prudent to fully inform in a clear and transparent manner while I am told I am a dislexic or Lexic man an unedicated man. I do no what is right and wrong is ,and I as my father did stood up against injustice A.H. an explanation expressing complaint we have victims being hurts so to say.,A.H. To our Honourable man of honour our lord Mayor and officers holding orders of the peoples land Originaly named Karta ,The (Word means) Gate to Star Heaven .The Land While I was Gracefully blessed with the Honour to be The Gate Keeper , sacried place Wulde Waiirii the sanctuary at murray lagoon Our Ramindjeri Queen Christine Walker sadly a Widow now batteling the military officers of her Mans Land made a colony attemping to remove is not right. out of repect on honour to fullfil her Karno’s dream Refferaned ” SALT ,GYPSUM and CHARCOAL industries on Kangaroo Island 1803 to 1992 By Beverley Overton First published 2017 Copies are available from Enviromental Realist POX 469 ,Kingscoate ,Kangaroo, Island 5223. or National Library of Australia Catalguing -in-Publication entry Beverley Maeling Overton (nee:Pitt) 1942 Bibliography Iccludes index ISBN 978-0-646-47536-3 Lancelot Gilbert (KARNO) Walker direct desendant in an unbroken lineage Seventh generation both sides YDNA Blood Lineage to King Condoy & king Pulluy.The Ramindjeri Totem is the Wattle Tree only tribe to have a tree /plant Totem King Condoy was the Ramindjeri Whale Law Man Leader of the Ramindjeri Nation of approximately fourteen Clans. The Ramindjeri People known to ber friendley and documented as The peace makers and Law enforcers Southern Land . My Mathew Finders & Nicolas Baudin about 1802.
Priestly Coded YDNA King HAM-MURABI a Kinsman made a set out the marker Stones or Monuments with His Royal Insignia engraved on the Border marker Stones and The LORE
or The Most High The Creater who made the Land Free of Charge and Gifted to To This new Sons as a Blessing from the Heavens so to speak with “Stele” Satelite Telicomunications to indicate ownership or custodianship to assist the new Keepers of that Land they was to Look after know as the Covenant Coded LORE of HAMMURABI The LORE giver of 23 Loregivers redirected Moses The Lore man and priestly Coded Meek Servant king of kings e.g. The Ten Commandments as viewed in the United States of Congress and The U.S. Supreme court of America. As one knows without Lore and Justice and the Presumption of innocence until proven guilty without Just Lore there in Anarchy and the nations and its people suffer the injustice to a point of rebellion or as stated my all the people who over melliniom as stated and is echoed in the voice of the oppressed people and there leaders are often suppressed be tyrannical governments and their territorial falsified claims of ownership of land stolen and colonised be the military implements of the repundant policy of detribelation of the originals tribels needs to be called for what it is Drocnian in nature and a military they say sorry but we are not handing back what we took with asking we say its not Just or Right we forgive all that was don its time now to move on for all the children who are yet to come .
While my maker is my Creater he gives me free breath to breath He is my wittness to what I wright and Speek its my testomony I right before the dead of nite takes me home throw these Gates to be with the Brave and nobel ones of old .

As it was stated by a OHMS Queen Scout Mattew James Fowler BSc who lived at Wulde Waiirii two about months it could be said all for free with some fund given from our Queens Mattew Stated a fact that has been confirmed several times while being the guard to the Gate of Eagel Heaven home amongst the stars Christine is the true Queen and not the Corinated one of our land our home. Queen Christine who said from her broken heart This is our Church a Special place I heard with my own ears a Elder almost in tears stated the Ancients ones know so well.
They want the good people to stay and learn culture well and stand firm we will and we say no to the eviction notice the tricky paper work with wet ink to ,we are starting to work out It was like those first days these boat people came our world war stated then its been two hundred or so years now we have battled and said no please go back to where you came but we was shot down with the fire stick and hunted down with the dogs its no wonder our clendestine history is cover up. the first days they came they stuck a water flag in our land and claimed under maritine law ,the law left our land on 28 march 2013 but left the Corporate fictional persons Acting as land officers behind
but the Colonised land with the royalties of tax still remains but is still transfered over seas all we ask is please its time now to give back. e.g. Took our land with out asking and renamed our Ancistoral Ancient land “Kangaroo Island” with out the Abba Originals people’s concient or knowledge with orders of detribealisation Alienised and shamed for being the colour we are Genocided and colonise military term for imprisionment of prisioners with no unalienable rights of apeal e.g. Kangaroo Court the very word IT self is fully explained I qoute from the Regicide words Spelian (play a deadly game) Spillikin (The Game IT self) is repundant as we agree the very word Kangaroo in the Weberster Universal Dictionary No indepth in the Black Law Dictionary but The Websters state I quote: Specific uses :a kangaroo ,(Stock Exchange ,Australian pty ltd Minning shares ,kangaroo closure,a Rule of procedure in House of Commons ,which gives chairman of the power of selecting (stock on slave ship) for debate amendments on a bill of exchange or jumping over others in a compound. I guess I have no need to explain the true significes of these words..I do think the Original Ramindjeri name is better dont you think ? (Gate to Star Heaven ).
While the Attorney generals may not agree one needs to know who they realy are again from the webster dictionary I quote; official appointed to oppose Hebeous coupus The State to Devil perplexing situation given the devil his due, to be ruined to sink to a low state to ruin injure causing great difficulty to ,trouble A wicked spirit a wicked person holding subordinate position in business a (legal)fiction junior councel working under a leader :usually anonymous Counsel to the treasury (privey) the leader Attorney General’s Devils attorn to lord over a tenant of property to transfer land estate to another authorized to ACT but just acting is fictional for another with out there concent or knowledge to take with out asking the chief legal officer Corporate Crown a minister evil spirited one in power Attorney Generals Attorney for the kings. One could say at this piont who are these kings in a Theo cratic goverment D.O.M. we are all kings even Jesus stated this fact look what happened after he did in a Roman Empire of Demi gods.
They nailed him to a tree he to pionted out the fact the the emporer has no cloths what image is on the coin he did say the rest is history now..Things havent changed to much I know some my jump at this but only the other day. I man I did catch stealing information and delieting the facts I even did what was right and taped what I had to say but this man only abused me and put his fingers in his ears and walked away only days later I NOTICE I did recieve While we are happy for any one to lissen to the recorded information The man of Honour and truth so he claimed did not want to be exposed I have not responded to these threats but one attemping to inform as to what realy goes on behind closed doors some would be shock I think the site below I have been unable to get to as the comments Alan HAMER None De Plume or Alias
Possing as the Ramindjeri Gate Keeper
I Have been commited for about 9 months 24/7 at Gate to Star Heaven We only have one gate keeper Me my Partner Vivian His a Saint I wouldent know where to start but there are those on the Land who know Vivian love at times shines like a White Dove from the Heaven above.
Alan Hamer aka “NiteHawk” aka “Ramindjeri Gatekeeper”,
Vivian C Bradley
It has recently been brought to my attention that my name and Scouting Award honour since 1982, have been internationally defamed online via ie Vivian C Bradley’s and″&HYPERLINK″id=100014394848307
ie Alan Hamer’s non de plume or alias
facebook profile walls by Alan Hamer on the 23rd then today, Boxing Day, 26th December 2016, posing as Ramindjeri Gatekeeper

RoyalJester EmpororHas NoCloths
19 hrs 
facebook profile walls by Alan Hamer on the 23rd then today, Boxing Day, 26th December 2016, posing as Ramindjeri Gatekeeper thus bringing Ramindjeri Heritage and Lance Gilbert (L.G.)
Alan Hamer aka “NiteHawk” aka “Ramindjeri Gatekeeper”,
Vivian C Bradley
His Excellency the Governor General (GG) thus my Chief Scout of Australia. See Annexures 1,2,3&4 attached to the originating email and appended to the registered mail.
I hereby declare (and any other associated Black’s Law Dictionary synonyms) that I am henceforth withdrawing any and all implied consent or authority to use my name and Scouting Award titles, audio and audio-visual recordings without my expressed, written permission and fully informed consent, with wet ink signature.
Any further unsubstantiated slanderous accusations, libel, defamation will incur costs to the amount of $1 000 000 (One million dollars) AUD for each infraction. Legal proceedings will be undertaken to retrieve these costs.
You will receive this NOTICE via registered mail as well as this email.
Any future communication from you Alan Hamer and Vivian Bradley will need to be via a lawfully legal representative, called to the Bar Association in South Australia.
You, Alan Hamer, have been warned once Friday 9th December 2016 when you published your weblog of the 8th, now take this as your and Vivian Bradley’s final warning.
I shall go to the Kingscote Magistrates Court to apply for South Australian Misconduct Restraining Orders (MROs) against you both. I now formally request that you therefore remove any and all posts, comments on facebook or any other social media especially your weblog and advise you to seek legal advice.
I trust that you will do your Christian duties on your honour to cease and desist.

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have removed His name as not to incure his wrath so to speak the recording is a classic 😉 all captured every word.
Yes I had my face book accounts blocked and information delieted and accusations unfounded because I called a scout a spy thats what the dictionary states to be true even blind fready could see what this man was up to While he is still in deniel He wright and confirms to me that what I said was true this man is aware of espinarge ,Sedition, Misprison of treason but who sent him one should ask and why to the peace full place good people adore

His Excellency the Governor General (GG) thus my Chief Scout of Australia. See Annexures 1,2,3&
Dear Mr Hamer
I refer to your email of 18 December 2016 to the Governor-General. His Excellency has asked me to reply to you on his behalf.
and those organisations that may be able to assist you.
I hope you are able to find a satisfactory resolution to this matter.
Yours sincerely
Mark Fraser LVO OAM
Official Secretary to the Governor-General
The Man in a Mask is on the Land


Author: Alan Hamer (B.K.) (E.R. I ) Hamlet of Hamer land of Hamer

While being on the run for several years now after exposing massive Govermental Cover ups With ADR assistance Murder Major Fraud Federal Fraud and Pedifiels I am now standing my Ground on Ramindjeri Land as The Gate Keeper to Karta ...English Gate to Star Heaven ,Eagle Dreaming Home amongst the Stars Sacried place Private Land We need help as the Government is attempting to Kick the people of and our Queen of Karta to King Karno Walker Whale Lore Man Keneman Please we need your help Kahool seven fold blessings God Blesses those to help the down trodden Blessed are the Meek

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