Corryn Rayney killer’s

Corryn Rayney and body parts found latter

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From the Man in a Mask

While this is only one of several letters set to those who claim to investigate attemps to have me shut up or locked up
I do not have the time to tell, While I was Raped from the Age of about 5 to 12 these matters I have never rased but I do still remember there names that I will take to my grave.

IT has been said Truth is stranger than fiction
Who is able to murder in a clandestine Covert way
The ones who know they can cover up and conceal the real evidence and vanish like a Ghost right away.So who are these silent killers are they hired hitmen or even more sinister and secret they can never be caught or discovered they are the best of the best well trained in the art of deceiving cunning stratages and…

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Author: Alan Hamer (B.K.) (E.R. I ) Hamlet of Hamer land of Hamer

While being on the run for several years now after exposing massive Govermental Cover ups With ADR assistance Murder Major Fraud Federal Fraud and Pedifiels I am now standing my Ground on Ramindjeri Land as The Gate Keeper to Karta ...English Gate to Star Heaven ,Eagle Dreaming Home amongst the Stars Sacried place Private Land We need help as the Government is attempting to Kick the people of and our Queen of Karta to King Karno Walker Whale Lore Man Keneman Please we need your help Kahool seven fold blessings God Blesses those to help the down trodden Blessed are the Meek

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